Bands Reunited: The Alarm

I taped the show on Thursday night and watched it yesterday afternoon. I liked it way more than I expected. Usually VH1 is so much filler. I don’t remember being an Alarm fanatic, but I liked them a lot and had some of their records. Weren’t they sometimes referred to as U 1and1/2 (as in less than U2)? I didn’t remember until Erin mentioned it, that we saw the Alarm in Santa Barbara (Sunday, Dec 1, 1985 — I just went and found the ticket stub) at the Arlington Theater. I saw REM and Dokken at the Arlington, too. (Not at the same time, in case you were wondering.) But back to the Alarm — it was sad the way they melted down — I had long moved on and gotten into the hairband scene by the time they broke up in 91. The coolest part of the show was seeing the fans — when the band played it was this room filled with people my age (mostly guys?) going apeshit and singing every word.

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