I’m A Mac

I know — what is this? Maybe 3 posts a week for eons and now 4 posts in one day. I have more, too. I have a whole thing about Tex Hall’s State of the Indian Nations address. I think I might start an Indian blog. More on this later.

But this is a Yoda blog. Yoda is my iMac. I bought him in March of 99 which makes him about 110 in computer years. He’s a 266 MHz lime G3 with 64 mg RAM and a 6 GB harddrive of which I’ve used about 2.85 GBs — I’m just getting the whole music on the computer thing and I got a digital camera for my birthday so my HD demands are rising. Poor Yoda — he can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. I’ve used him pretty much every day since I bought him and he’s been great but we ordered a new computer this week.

On 2/11/89 I bought my first MAC (I have extensive PC experience at work and can state with real authority: I hate windoze) — a Mac Plus which I still have. I think it came with a half MG of RAM — Erin upgraded it to a whole MG — I think. I’m not really a power techno-geek. The new computer will only be my 4th MAC. The Mac Plus was The Good Mother. Then I got a 520 Powerbook which was Lestat. Then Yoda. The new one is going to be an EMAC named Frodo. I want a new machine but I’m always sad about ditching the old one. It seems rude to even write about it on him.

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