King Day

It is Martin Luther Return of the King Day weekend at our house. We started Fellowship extended version on Friday and finished it yesterday and then watched Two Towers extended. This afternoon we’re going to see Return of the King on big screen. Bob hadn’t seen FOTR or TT and he kept saying, “I can’t believe how good this is.” I loved all extended stuff and can’t believe some of the stuff that got cut out (although I understand why). Like that whole extended Boromir/Faromir scene in TT. None of the extra stuff felt like padding to me.

I thought I was having some sort of allergic reaction to something. I’ve never had an allergy and didn’t expect one to pop up at this point in my life but I’ve been sneezing with watery eyes and endless runny nose. I’ve been at it all weekend and now I’m wondering if it might be a cold. I’d almost be relieved if it was a cold because then I could be sure it would go away. But it doesn’t feel like a cold.

The latest snow report is that we only have a few lingering patches. Otherwise we can see lawn again. Our backyard plants don’t look bad at all and I swear the grass and weeds have been growing under all that snow and ice. The front Rhodie needs chopping and will be much shorter in the future and the hedge-thing next to it will turned to compost. Also our front rain gutter is drooping. We went for our first walk in two weeks yesterday and saw all the damage to the trees in our neighborhood. Wow. One of our neighbors had such a lovely yard and he lost 2 trees completely and one he whacked back to a trunk. It looks so sad.

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