Technology for Old People

Maybe it’s a problem of my age but I never can remember how things work. The cd player in my car has this bluescreen display which you can setup to play little animated things which is so useful to have in a car where you’d want something to watch while you drive. It came set up to show what track the cd is playing or what radio station is on or the time but one day I was trying to figure something out like how to stop a cassette on fast forward and I accidentally switched it so that it now shows bouncing notes flashing up and down. Brilliant. And I don’t even know where the instruction book is but do I really have to plow through a 50 page booklet just so I can display the radio station? Everything comes with huge booklets now. You need devote a whole area of your house to collecting and storing these things for reference later. Our answering machine loses the time if there is the slightest power blip and I can never remember how to reset it. My alarm clock does some odd thing so that when I hit snooze sometimes it’s for 3 minutes and sometimes 7. Can we just have a 10 minute standard? Otherwise, why bother? I can lock the dialpad on my cellphone except I have to remember how to unlock it. All these passwords and PIN numbers and user names and passwords. It’s way too much.

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