Birthday in Bavaria

Blogger had problems on the 26th because apparently was down but blogger saved mz post and I just clicked the button and published it. yay.

Now it’s the thirtieth: I’m 40.

I don’t have much time because we’re about to go to dinner so here’s the short version:

Bob and I did a day trip to Munich and a goofing around GAP day and a lazy day hanging around. Bob still hasn’t shaken his cough and we decided to take it easy and see if we can get him back up to speed.

Today we had a fantastic brunch and cake with the kids (who especiallz liked the cake part) and then Lisa, Bob and I went to the Buchheim Museum (possibly incorrect and too lazy to run in house and find leaflet). The guy who wrote Das Boot did all kinds of things including collecting art and he’s the mastermind of this museum. Then we went to Murnau for a quick walk around town and now back here to get readz for dinner (just the grown ups).

Tomorrow we will watch the ski jumping and then pack up all our sh*t (and there’s a lot more than usual since we aren’t doing the usual hauling our stuff around ourselves as we visit so manz differnt spots) and go to Munich and check into a hotel. We’ll meet Lisa, Flori et al. for a New years eve party with their friends. New Years Day I imagine we’ll say goodbye and then wander around and on Fridaz we are up earlz and to the airport for the return journez.

We went to the Pinotek Moderne in Munich while we were there and were hoping to go back — tons of great stuff, great building and not enough time. But apparentlz the museum is closed on the 1st. Bummer.

Russell Banks: Cloudsplitter is verz good but about 400 pages too long. I’m plowing through the last 200 pages or so with a bad attitude. Odd coincidence: Lisa is also reading Cloudsplitter — our own mini book group. I bought Harrz Potter (Erin alert!) for the plane home. I’m onlz on volume 4 which is still brick sized and should last me until I get home.

Won’t check in again before home. See ya.

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