Last night we went to probably the best party ever. It was Eva’s 40th birthday and she and Rob threw a bash at this club in Gresham. Well, when I say a club, not like a night club more like a private club. And not like a country club — it was this giant room like a log cabin with a huge dance floor and lots of tables and places to sit. They had awesome food and a great band — they played stuff like “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Louie Louie” and EVERYBODY danced. It was wild. Dancing fools. We did the hokey-pokey. Crazy. Open bar — I guess I should mention that. We had the best time. Rob and Eva have the best parties.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is my last writing class and although I had a very productive weekend, I’m not going to have my project ready to turn in tomorrow. I made a calendar with page goals to get me finished by next month before Xmas. Been working on xmas shopping and menu stuff. Tons of stuff going on.

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