Women’s World Cup

I’ve been trying to ignore the World Cup and focus on my writing class but last night we had tickets to the games at PGE park and I am hooked for the rest of the tournament. The first game was Ghana and Australia and I don’t know what was going on but the stretcher came out about 10 times. Ghana played a pretty loose game but fun to watch and they’ve been training in Portland so they had a sort-of home crowd love fest going on and it was fun to see them win. I would have liked to see Australia do a little better — at one point I thought it was their strategy to pass the ball to the other team. There was a huge group of Ghana fans with drums and when the them scored they went nuts — it was hard not to cheer for the team.

The second game was Russia v. China who came out with completely opposite warm up styles. China had synchronized warm up while Russia was all over the place. The game was a completely different level of playing compared to the first game. Great game. And a huge group of Chinese there cheering their team on. We had a group behind us going nuts, singing and waving flags. They also had some kids with screechy whistles and if it didn’t have the potential for starting an international incident I would have ripped those things out of those cute little kids’ hands.

Last comment — is there some cosmic rule that Bob and I at these big crowd events must always be seated adjacent to the ADD people? Why would you buy tickets for a pair of soccer games if you weren’t going to sit in your seat and enjoy the game? This guy had his feet ON MY CHAIR when we went in to sit down — thanks buddy, I have to put my ass there now.

Very insanely busy week. I have class tonight, Arts & Lectures tomorrow night, U.S. Women play on Weds, PGE park games (Germany, Canada, Russia and China) on Thurs, trying to catch up for writing class Fri and Sat and then PGE park semi-final games on Sunday. Plus Alias started last night and Angel starts on Weds. night.

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