Pasta Sauce Summer

Life isn’t THAT hectic but I’m feeling unorganized (or would that be disorganized?) and spun out. I’m tired, too, and I got a good night’s sleep. I don’t know what the story is but I ate a lot of sugar and fatty crap yesterday so perhaps that’s a contributing factor.

Over the weekend I ordered this book I was looking for that I couldn’t get at the library and I found it super cheap – only $5. I didn’t want to do a whole book order for just $5 so I browsed their other books to see if there was anything remotely interesting and decided to buy a collection of Ring Lardner stories and a collection of Jack London stories. I remember being totally into Jack London as a kid and I haven’t read him since so I’m curious to revisit his writings. But back to the book order, this brought it up to a whopping $10. I put the order in and got a confirmation that the book I actually wanted was already sold but they were sending the $5 of books I tacked on just trying to make the order worthwhile. They did not respond to my request to cancel.

I saw the calendar yesterday and discovered it was the equinox. I knew summer was over but I didn’t realize it was official. Looks like the rest of the week will be great weather so I have high hopes for my tomato patch. I might get enough for a pasta sauce after all.

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