The Owner’s Fault

Yesterday a couple of big orange trucks came and hacked at the trees on the street behind us. They did a crappy job. When we look out the kitchen window we can see this row of beautiful trees except the one on the end has been brutally hacked so that it looks like a mistake. Poor tree. At first I thought they were doing it because of the power lines. But there are no power lines. It looks like they were doing it to be mean.

I’m still addicted to Big Brother. I keep saying I’m not going to watch again but then I can’t wait for it to air again. There are still at least 4 more weeks.

We have new neighbors and other than one of the cars out front occaisionally moving, I have seen zero sign of them. They keep the windows closed and the shades drawn and I’ve seen the woman out watering once but otherwise they are like the mystery people. The only reason I know there are two people is because there are two cars and once before they got the shades, I saw them take turns working on the computer in what used to be Trevor’s room. They took down the sun/moon curtains, too.

Some dog has been using our front lawn as a regular turd drop. What are people thinking? Bob says sometimes dogs are just running around and it’s not the owner’s fault where it turds. Yeah right.

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