Falls Apart

We went to see Sherman Alexie last night, reading from his new book: Ten Little Indians. He read for almost an hour. The story was called something like “Looking for a Witness” and the highpoints were fantastic, some parts hilarious, some challenging — fiction about 9/11. But it dragged in some parts and lost me. He did a long Q&A too. I’ve seen him read at least 5 times and judging by last night he’s softened around the edges — and I mean that in the best possible way.

It’s supposed to be a scorcher today so I’ve got to dig the hoses out. I have been meaning to take care of that for days.

Here are some fun Matrix Essays for you. This is geek stuff. People who dissect every arcane detail for multiple meanings. I think the alleged intelligence of this movie has been wildly inflated but hey, great car chase.

Check out these excellent cat outfits — seriously. The gentleman’s package was not what I expected. ahem.

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