What is the Wonder?

When I was going through airport security on the way out, I didn’t take my shoes off. I didn’t think they would set off the beep. So of course I beeped. I had to go to the special area where they take your shoes and then you sit down and they wand your legs and then you have to stand on a thing and put a foot on each “peanut” and hold your arms out while they wand you. I had zero metal on me except my zipper and my earrings. The lady was wanding me and asking me if I had anything in my pockets. “I don’t have any pockets,” I told her. On the way home I did not want to go through that again so I took my shoes off and sweater and again, I beeped. Same routine with the wand and the peanuts. The wand only beeped around my bra — I think the wonderbra sets off security. Whatever “the wonder” is must have metal in it.

Tonight Woodward dropped off Tyler. Bob and I are dogsitting this weekend. Tyler is a very old, grey golden retriever. He has a lot of personality. Right now he’s trying to find a comfortable place to sleep. He keeps moving between me in here and Bob in the other room, checking on us.

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