Not Like I Prefer

I “finished” my writing project for my class. I use quotes because it’s never really finished. I’m going to do more work after I get feedback. But my class ends on Monday and at least this weekend, for the first time since February I’m going to have a weekend with no writing. I have neglected virtually every non-essential errand and project and recreational activity and I am planning to see movies and read and organize my sock drawer and put some time in the yard for a change. I’ll be back at it soon. Other than the additional work on the current project I have a whole new thing that I want to get cracking on.

In other news, my car got broken into on Saturday night. At first we thought it was just the car stereo and one window broken but when Bob when to get the window replaced, we clued in that the seat belts were stolen. What a world. We’re still wrangling getting that stuff replaced. Bob is using my car since his commute is short and all on surface seats and I’m driving the boy car which is not as clean and fresh smelling as I might prefer. It’s hard to believe that in 30 years we’re so accustomed to seat belts that we wouldn’t consider driving on the freeway without seatbelt.

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