My web browser is totally possessed — now I’m paranoid what my computer’s been up to this evening while I was eating dinner. Our big Pyrex exploded in the dishwasher — how does that happen? I thought Pyrex was indestructible. Didn’t the astronauts use it for something? It made a big mess but we got most of it out of there. Daylight savings is always nice but today it feels like I lost way more than one hour. The whole day is like, yikes, it’s already Noon? It’s already 6pm? And right now: it’s already after 9pm? I need to try to wind down and get to bed. I have still been spending about 99% of my free time writing and neglecting everything else. I stopped early today so I could do our taxes. I normally have them done by the end of January but we owe this year because I converted a traditional IRA to a Roth. It had lost about 40% of it’s value — seemed like a good time.

We saw David Mamet on Weds at Arts & Lectures. He was fantastic — very intelligent and lots to say but more restrained than I expected. He had opinions to share but I’d envisioned someone with more of a wild look and waving fist.

I finished watching Children of Dune this week. I found the Dune geeks online and I’m now fully aware of how little I know about the Duniverse. I put the books on the shelf next to the Lord of the Rings books I’m anxious to re-read but don’t have enough time. Also speaking of books I read my first Neil Gaiman novel after looking forward to it for a long time. (American Gods) and I was disappointed and didn’t enjoy it much. I thought the protagonist was passive and not terribly interesting and I found the story a little too hallucinogenic — half the time I wasn’t sure where I was and where I was going. I guess it just wasn’t for me. Gaiman has manic fans, I really wanted to like it.

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