Do What Feels Great

I forgot the main thing I wanted to blog about which is the inane and endless commercials we have to sit through when we go to the movies. I swear there are 20 minutes of commercials and trailers which should not be allowed. What I learned from these commercials is that apparently the world is waiting for a Volvo SUV — like there’s a big shortage of over-sized cars available to the American consumer and in this commercial, when you drive in your shiny silver Volvo SUV you get to see mythical things like Loch Ness and unicorns and Elvis. The Dad didn’t get to see anything or did I miss that part. What does that mean? The even more annoying commercial is for Diet Coke and has all these too-pretty yuppie geeks skipping around saying stuff like “flirt” “giggle” “canoodle” which sound stupid even when pretty people are saying it and the slogan is “do what feels great” and then the commercial glaringly omits things that feel great like eating a bucket of chocolate chip cookie dough and drinking a bottle of chardonnay.

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