The Plan

Still very busy. Yesterday I took a short break from the writing routine to rake leaves — my 15 minute gardener routine. It would have been nice to do more out there but, oh well, can’t do everything. I also tried to discourage the lovely grass that’s growing up in my planting beds. Our “lawn” is a patch of weeds and moss and our planting beds are nice healthy grass. I don’t understand.

Very quiet, simple Thanksgiving planned. We’re going non-traditional and Bob has been telling people it’s the “anti-Thanksgiving” and I have nothing against Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and will miss having all my favorite holiday foods. However, I do not want to spend the entire day in the kitchen so I opted for the alternate menu: salmon, wilted spinach salad, wild rice and Priscilla fruit salad thing. Plus I’m making a pumpkin pie.

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