It’s A Gas

A brand new 76 station opened on the corner of 39th and Main St, right across from this gigantic Arco station. I detest that Arco station. I don’t understand how Arco can sell its gas so much cheaper than everyone else. But the station is ALWAYS super crowded and it’s a huge corner so there are always people zipping around at 180 mph to get the most recently vacated pump or to zip into the convenience market for a beef stick or 82 oz. pop. Also when I used to go there and I’d go inside to pay the people that worked there could never be bothered to look up or make eye contact or return my “Good Morning.” I’m sure working at a gas station isn’t the dream job of most people but you can make your little corner of misery a wee bit brighter by enjoying friendly people. So I switched to the Chevron station on Mill Plain which was more expensive but less crowded and the people who work there much nicer.

Now there’s this new 76 station. When they opened their regular gas was $1.29 to Arco’s $1.24. I noticed Arco would still be packed while there was no one at 76 and I couldn’t believe that people would want to wait in line to save .05 cents on gas. Let’s say your tank needs 20 gallons. You mean saving some time and aggravation isn’t worth a buck? I have noticed more people at the new station in the last week or so. Yesterday I saw that Arco had dropped down to $1.21 and can’t help but wonder if this is a reaction to the new station.

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