I Own Every Non-Original

Last night I could not fall asleep. It’s not like this doesn’t happen fairly regularly and usually I just stay there in pre-doze and try to think sleepy thoughts. Last night it was making me mad so I finally got up and finished watching The Claim that I taped off of Sundance. I’ve wanted to see it for a long time and for the most part I loved it but the story is pretty grim. Did Thomas Hardy hate his readers or what? After the movie I crawled back in bed and it still took another hour or so to fall asleep. I think I got to sleep at 2am.

Also last night I watched Rock Star. Was that movie made for me or what? I loved it except for the totally lame story. But the soundtrack was fabulous. I think I own every non-original on it already. And seeing all the rockers made me very happy.

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