Muster Up Sympathy

Today I got out the box of new letterhead at the office and was depressed to notice that it said #10 instead of #6. We bought it over two months ago and I didn’t see how the printers were going to muster up any sympathy for us after all this time. I’m pretty sure it came in when I wasn’t there but I’m not sure I would have noticed anyway. I brought it in and re-ordered, asked them to make sure our file had all #6 in it and gave them the box and asked them to make scratch pads out of it. What a giant waste of money and paper.

Tonight I went to my first yoga class since April. I dropped into Bill’s new place at the Galleria which should probably be called the Ghost town (The Galleria = ghost town. The yoga studio is fabulous.) This was not the power yoga class and thank God because I’m not quite as strong as I used to be. I need to get my practice back up to speed. Tomorrow I bet I am going to be sore.

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