Sharp Teeth

This week I got a thing in the mail from my reunion for “Keepsake Photos” for $89.95 plus $6 shipping I can get 2-8×10, 4-5×7, 4-4×5 and 16 wallets of this faboo picture that I’m going to scan and stick up here eventually. What the hell am I going to do with all these pictures of my mug? I’m not sure I would even want to see it in an 8×10, why would anyone else? Does anyone reading this keep pictures of adults, other than a spouse, in their wallet? (For the record, I don’t have any pictures in my wallet except ID photos.)

The squirrels have completely destroyed the sunflowers. I think there are 3 left plus one big one that they’ve completely eaten around the edges but left on the stalk. Yesterday when I cleaned up the yard I pulled a bunch out and thoughtfully piled them against the fence, hoping to encourage them to continue snacking on the ones that are already ruined. About an hour later I looked out in the yard and here the last pretty one was just a tall stalk with some leaves dangling and the remains of the flower sat under the rose bush. I need someone to loan me a very big dog with sharp teeth.

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