Service Announcements

Well, I’ve just now stirred my “spicy thai big soup noodle bowl” after eating over half the noodles and turns out all the spice has been stuck in the bottom in a spice cube. cough cough.

I’ve been putting off checking in b/c I was waiting for my big High Sierra Music Festival post except I realized I will be doing a whole separate page w/ pics for that so I’d better get my ass in gear and put something up so my regular readers (all 3 of you) don’t drop off the radar.

For now I have a couple of URLs for you. First, you can learn all about safe sex by playing SuperShagLand. I just played and when I finally got to the end my prince told me I was too drunk or too tired to shag properly and to come back later. Like some guy would ever tell you that … . The other one is Bible Lego stories. My friend Robert sent it to me with this quote, “I heard about it on NPR, searched ‘lego’ and ‘gomorrah’ and it came right up.”

I’ll have more very soon.

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