Here’s the Wintergrass update. We went to Tacoma on Friday because Bob was all hot on seeing Nickel Creek so it was imperative that we get there by magic hour. I’m not sure exactly how it worked but the Wintergrass organizers had it so you could see Nickel Creek once and then this other band and both bands played two shows and Bob managed to trade around so he could see NC twice. I went to the hotel after NC so I missed out on all this.

But regardless, I did see NC once and loved them. My other favorites from the weekend were the Del McCoury Band who I’ve seen a couple of times but always make me happy. They played on Saturday but the room was completely insane so we ended up going downstairs to the ballroom and caught Bethany Dick who was pretty good and then another band that I loved on first sight Barbed Wire Cutters (see also Korby). We bought their cd and told them to come play in Portland. I went to the hotel early on Saturday too, but keep in mind that I’m not hard core, only normal core.

On Saturday night we went to this fabulous restaurant Over the Moon Cafe. The URL on this site isn’t operational at the moment I am typing this, but I wouldn’t let this discourage you. This is in our top 10 dinners of all time (since we’ve been married).

Sunday we went to the Poodle Dog in Fife. Now, the sign says they’ve served good food since 1933 and all I can think of is that the definition of “good” has changed since then. Or perhaps I can just steer you way from their specialty: Cream Waffle with Fruit. Because it was the worst breakfast I’ve ever had, that I had to pay for. I mean, unless, good food means a soggy waffle with cold fruit.

Following the Poodle Dog debacle we dealt with more bluegrass and this was when I got to see my beloved Del McCoury — I love those guys. And then, starving as I was, we took off for home. We ate at the Olympic Club in Centralia which was fun and then home.

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