Today we have a guest blog from Auntie Janet:

“Barry gets home today too, a day early. He has been gone for nine days to Montana. Hope the weather will allow the plane to land. He missed Joe’s birthday party since the airline had to overfly the weather conditions, on to Redding. Passengers would have had to put themselves up overnight there or go back to Portland and put themselves up for the night there, and then, in either case, the airlines would graciously try to fly them to Eureka again the next day.

“So he rented a car with 4 other people and drove to Eureka. One couple was from Iowa on their first trip out to see their kids, one was an older woman who did not drive and one was a young lady who didn’t drive since she had just been in an accident and was afraid to. So here was this gray haired, one-armed old man in a hat driving all these people to Eureka. We tried to get him to get off in Willow Creek and come up with Joe’s friends from there for the party, but he had put the car in his name, and felt responsible for all these people who could not get to Eureka without him Isn’t he a prince?”

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