Yesterday when I was driving to work — there was a car in front of me on Mill Plain at the light with its hazards on and the driver looked slumped over from behind. When I went to pull around I looked, and sure enough the driver was slumped over the wheel. Can I tell you that I am not a good samaratin and normally would have just kept driving and hoped someone else stopped. But for whatever reason, I go into full panic mode, pull over and in my mind I’m clicking off options — I don’t have a cell so I can’t call 911. Maybe this driver has a cell and I can call. But the car is decrepit and maybe she’s locked in. Maybe I can flag down another driver to call 911. But when I get out of the car and turn around, this woman is sitting up in the car looking at me — along with all the other folks stopped at the light. I start mouthing the words at her “are you okay?” thinking maybe she had a seizure or something. Apparently she was slumped over because she was aggravated with her nonworking car, and realizing what I thought and embarassed, she starts laughing. Which would be fine but she completely refused to acknowledge me — I mean, wouldn’t a normal person wave and say “I’m okay, thanks” or something? Not this loser. I was furious.

Today I’ve been doing all sorts of chores and errands and projects. Bob has been telling me about this band Nickelcreek forever but I never followed up until today. Wow, they are fantastic. And look at their pictures — they’re young and beautiful too. We’re going to see them this Friday at Wintergrass in Tacoma.

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