I Wanna Be Your Friend Again

Last night I got to see Concrete Blonde one of my favorite LA bands of all time. (aside: so is the entire world converting to Exploder as the browser of choice? — I’m finding more and more often that I have to launch that thing to get a decent look at certain sites.) There’s another good site at: http://blonde.vox.org/.

What can I say? It made me really happy to see them. They looked great. They sounded great. The new stuff sounded great. It was all good and the timing perfect for middle aged working people. We were home and in bed by 11:15pm.

Why are my comments all about the crowd? First, is bald the hair statement of the 00’s? From where I was standing I could count 7 bald guys. Not that this is a bad thing — just curious to see so many shiny heads in one place on one night. Next, what was up with the guy standing next to me? Mr. Chain-Smoker with the ski-gloves on. He wore a white t-shirt and would take a glove off to smoke but he had these goofy gloves on. It’s not that I’m smoking intolerant but a chainsmoker guy standing next to you in close quarters for a couple hours is kind of a drag. I hate that ashtray smell in my hair when I crawl into bed. There was also this redhead chick who seemed to think she was 14 and at an N’Sync concert. Even the Dalai Lama would have wanted to club her and throw her outside. Also, I was a major fan of this band, I never picked up on the goth thing. I never considered myself goth but thinking back at my outfits and hair color choices maybe I lurked on the fringes. When they played the vampire song the crowd took the roof off.

Overall it gets my highest recommendation. They played almost all of my favorite songs. I would have liked to hear “True” which is my all time favorite but a small wank for an otherwise fabulous show. I don’t have the new disc yet but plan to fix that situation very, very soon.

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