I’ve had stuff to add all week and I just can never get my act together. What can I say?

First — here’s an entertaining link to bizarre Asian snack foods.

In other news, I got my manuscript back from Cherry this week. I don’t have a link about it on my site — for some reason I thought I did — amnesia at its best. She wrote a very nice, non-form note which basically said she thought my writing was fine but she couldn’t connect with the story or characters and since fiction is hard to sell, she couldn’t take on something she wasn’t 100% excited about — completely valid. For those of you just coming in on this story — it’s about the 80′ rock scene in Hollywood and it’s hilarious.

Of course, I’m disappointed, but also, I’d already junked the thing to a drawer and just by pure luck several people asked to see it in the last year so I suppose I should allow myself some small joy for that. I have a couple of ideas for non-conventional approaches for publishing which I will check out this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get some momentum going on a couple of other ideas I have. I’m going to be okay on this stuff. It doesn’t feel like it right now — but my day will come, I know it.

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