I always want to be prepared before I blog — like I should have something to say. I think I should just log on every day and go by the seat of my pants and see what happens.

Yesterday we saw Ocean’s Eleven which I enjoyed thoroughly. Nothing like looking at pretty boys for 2 hours. Bob pointed out that it was a pretty generic heist movie. Well he can sure spoil a mood. Afterward we drove to West Linn to go to Don’s xmas party where we visited and ate party snacks. On the way home we hit Conan’s Pub for Roz’s Xmas show. A super fun holiday evening.

Today has been relaxing. We’re on the progressive Xmas tree decoration schedule. Bob bought the tree last week. We got it into the stand and set up in the living room a couple days ago. Tonight we threw the lights on. Tomorrow we should manage the ornaments and not a moment too soon. It’s nice not to be stressed out about it.

I have my Xmas dinner menu almost figured out. We’re having two kinds of salmon. Then a rice thing and something with fruit and a decadent dessert with lots of fat and chocolate. I have to go shopping in the morning so I hope to have it all figured out by then.

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