It’s Times Like These

I’m back. I forgot to blog that we were going on a vacation that involved no computers so there would be no new stuff for a week+. We went to Orleans and hung out with the family and swam and played some rowdy poker games and hiked to Indian Rocks and ate a lot.

Yesterday was my first day back at work and lucky me – a semi jack-knifed and fell on its side on the Marquam Bridge and completely blocked I5 south. I already had left late and then I had to buy gas (Pam travel hint: fill your car with gas and keep a small stash of cash for when you return from vacation — you will be happy you did.) Since I get off at the Morrison Bridge before the accident I didn’t think there would be much of a problem (doh!) so I stayed in the left lane and completely ignored the signs that said we would be diverted to the 405. Freeway blocked off at 405 so I got stuck in the huge car-jam trying to get onto 405 and a good time was not had by all. Anyway, an hour later I got to work and I could see the accident site from my desk and realized at least I didn’t get stuck right behind the truck and have to sit on the freeway for two hours.

It’s situations like this that give you time to reflect on your life and I used this particular incident to ponder: am I drinking too many liquids in the morning?

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