I just checked and now my posts are all showing up. hm, magically fixed and I didn’t do a thing.

I wanted to tell you one more thing. We have this problem in our neighborhood with people stealing the recycling — the bottles and cans — on pickup day. This bugs me — probably more than it should — but the recycling pickup is a business that provides a service. I don’t save my bottles and cans for the neighborhood riffraff. Bob and I started putting our stuff out in the morning — and even then one time Bob put it out when he left in the am and I left an hour later and it was all gone. This week I had a ton of stuff and I put it out the night before because I had to leave extra early for work — the jackass(es) took the whole bin. We used to have a bin of each color and now I have two brown ones because the criminal left me an empty brown one when s/he took my green one. What a loser.

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