We saw Patti Smith and Sleator-Kinney in Seattle last weekend and I never even mentioned it. Great show.

I have been so friggin busy I didn’t even log on for almost 48 hours — that never happens. Completely busy weekend. I went to writing workshops all day Friday and Saturday.

Today I got up early and did the bridge walk. I wanted to do the 8 mile but I only did the 5 mile because I had a severe need to pee and for some reason the organizers seemed to think that like 6 stalls for 5000 (or however many) walkers at the station just after the Fremont Bridge would be plenty. I saw this gigantic line and decided to just walk as fast as humanly possible (which wasn’t too fast seeing as how there were all these other people walking) until I could get back to the office. But I got to walk on the Fremont Bridge and that made me happy but it was a lot more fun last year with Bob.

Also today I watched this movie Cruel Intentions which was my relaxation 90 minutes. Completely twisted and hilarious in terms of the over the top clothes and housing. Then I ran a bunch of errands and then I did yard work and got all the various containers (garbage, recycling, yard debris) ready for tomorrow morning. So now it’s almost 9pm and I JUST got out of the shower. I’m going to the coast for work tomorrow so it’s off to bed for me.

More On Bathing Suits
I tried one more time to find a bathing suit. I’ve probably tried on 30 or 40 and I’ve found maybe 4 that fit but I didn’t like them enough to pay $80. I don’t mind paying $80 for tiny bits of cloth if I like them. But if I’m just buying something to cover my butt when I swim in the river, I’m not so inclined. So I figured I’d just safety pin last year’s on me and make do. Well, I decided to get some sun this afternoon and safety pins aren’t going to be much help, that thing is so stretched out. I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

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