Airlines Again

Keeping up with the blog is much harder than you might guess. It’s not even my intention to post every day.

I’m going to Norman, Oklahoma in October for Returning the Gift X. Just this week I decided to do some homework and check airfare, etc. So guess what 2 of the 3 airlines that fly into Oklahoma City are? Yes, Delta and Southwest. How unlucky is that? It’s not even that I have too much pride to give the two suckiest airlines another try — but I’ve been getting contacted by their shills since I posted those stories — how do I know they don’t have my name in their systems and will torture me on purpose, just to get me? I guess that’s a little paranoid. I’m guessing I will take Delta over SW since I haven’t been to Salt Lake City for awhile (ahem) and because I would happily pay an extra $20 to get an assigned seat. What some people are willing to put up with to save a buck, I do not understand. Oh, and the 3rd airline is American and maybe I just didn’t understand how their webpage worked but when I check on a fare it was $1100 — I’d rather walk.

Baking update — made a Cooks Illustrated recipe for biscotti yesterday and I think both Bob and I will require extensive dental work. These things are like little rocks. They taste good though.

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