Insect Issues

Ug, what a wretched day. People can be so aggravating. If you can conduct business in a pleasant way or a nasty way, why not just pick nice. I don’t understand. And if I already sent you the crap you need, don’t call me and ask for it again. The biggest crime in the PamUniverse is wasting my time.

Remember the story about the Patio and their fancy-shmancy baby turnips and Mew England marinated veal strips with kiwi vinaigrette? There was an article in the paper that they are trying to re-vamp their menu to make it more accessible and cheaper. Wah! I am a restaurant activist. I think they should offer me free visits to check out the new menu and give commentary.

I’m having some insect issues. What does this mean? First I saw an ant in my room — of course while I’m doing my yoga practice. The next day I saw two and if history has taught me anything, that means the whole trail of swarming ants taking over is not far away. So far, hasn’t manifested. Then yesterday I was mixing my breakfast muesli which I make with oats from the bins and then adding in trail mix and the trail mix bag was filled with fruit flies. Gave me the heebees. I had to toss everything in a bag in a bag and then, like bleach the container and now I don’t want to eat that stuff. My favorite breakfast, ruined.

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