I’m going to take a few minutes here and catch up on some blogging things and not boring things about my new domain which is the center of my computer existence right now, but I’m sure mind-numbing for you to read endless updates on.

(why does that word look not spelled right?)
>The announcement for my 20 year HS reunion just went up and Cherie sent me the URL for Am I the last person alive who has heard of this site? Where have I been? I logged on immediately and was glued to the screen for like 8 hours until my eyeballs dried up and rolled back into my head. Almost half of my graduating class is listed. I’m having a hard time with the $30 gold membership thing — (a) on principle I don’t pay for access to web content; (b) I hate to pay for a year when I doubt I’d use it that much; and (c) I don’t think it’s set up very optimally and it’s slower than hell which was why it took me 8 hours and I managed to catch up on my New Yorkers pile while I was waiting between clicks to look at the info boxes of everyone in my class who had one. I’ll probably end up caving, but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll negotiate. I’d pay $12 for a year.

This whole development got me digging out my old yearbooks — and for some reason I can only find freshman year and senior year. My senior year has the last issue of the school paper in it with the senior wills and for some reason I don’t have one in there and I don’t know why. I remember writing one — but that could be a made up memory. I have no idea where the other two yearbooks are and I know my senior prom bid and the graduation program are stuck somewhere too. I don’t save a lot of stuff, but these things I did save. It’s kind of weird to be thinking about these people after 20 years — but it’s a good weird. I’m looking forward to the reunion since I missed the 10 year because I’d just moved up here and was about a trillion dollars in debt and my income was like 50 cents a week so flying down to LA was out of the question.

I have been desperately trying to find a bathing suit for a month now. I’ve been to the Jantzen store, that bathing suit store downtown, 2 different Nordstroms, 3 different Meier and Franks and a jumble of discount stores and I can’t find squat. At this point I don’t even mind paying a lot of money if I can find what I like. I want a modestly cut bikini and I want underwires in the top and I want cute colors, preferably dark. I can’t find squat. It’s either not my size, or it’s cut so half my ass hangs out or my boobs are bulging out, or else it’s really ugly colors. It’s been very frustrating.

Last week we needed the plumber to come over because we had this incredibly slow draining sink that I had poured two different products “guaranteed to cure any slow drains” — one was a toxic-waste product and the other an organically friendly enzyme thing. Both were equally worthless. Also the faucet in our kitchen had turned into a trickle so that if you wanted to fill a pot with water to cook pasta, you could stick it under there and go an take a nap and come back and it would be almost full. The last thing that concerned us was our water bill showed our usage almost doubled the last two billing periods and we didn’t think we were using twice as much water.

Gene came over to look at our stuff for us. He is this cool old guy — who should be retired and he told us he would be in about 3 months. I liked him because he took the time to visit with us and asked about flowers in the yard and the sandwich creation that Bob was making and he knew some of our neighbors and told us about some history he shared with them. It was actually nice to have the plumber over.

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