I finally finished my brick books! You know, the swords and dragons thing by Tad “insomniac” Williams. I liked the story but 3,000 pages is going to try your reader’s patience. Well, your reader who is not a regular brick-book-swords-and-dragons person. I was telling my Mom about the story this morning and she says, “Oh, so it’s like a good v. evil thing?” and I’m like, “aren’t they all?” Since I finished I’ve been finishing up my various odds and ends like New Yorkers. I thought our subscription had died and much as I LOVE the magazine, it’s just too friggin much when you only have limited reading time. But we got a (sigh) double issue yesterday so I STILL have a New Yorkers in my pile. There is no way to catch up. Unless you are in prison and I’m not making a wish here.

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