Do Do-Doo, Do Do-Doo

There is this song I like. I’ve heard it on the radio on a couple of times — it’s sort of a hip-hop kind of song and not what I normally like and not the usual fare on the radio stations I tend to listen to. I really want to know who the band is but can’t figure out how to do that. Last time I heard the song I dutifully waited for the DJ to tell me but instead he told me about some great product I should buy or maybe it was some contest I could win, but it was not the name of the artist. I also tried going to and I went through several of the charts and clicked on the samples to see if I could find the band that way — labor intensive and yielded nothing. Someone asked me how it goes and I said “do do-doo, do do-doo” which also didn’t help — I’m apparently not a gifted vocalist or even capable of humming in a way to make the song easily identify-able.

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