Yesterday I left work early [story about Morrison bridge closure omitted] and I detour by backtracking and getting on I-5 at the Marquam and because of the mess of people getting over to get on I-84 I ended up in the fast lane. So I NEVER drive home before 6pm and I NEVER drive in the fast lane but [story about a jerk with a baseball hat and red pickup with “redneck” sticker omitted] yesterday I was speeding along very happily in the fast lane. And a car honked at me and I’m like “whats his problem” and then I see a cop car and I’m like “holy sh*tf*#k it’s carpool lane hour!” I think the ticket is insane like a $170 or something. I quickly pull into the traffic lane, two cars from the cop. whew! About 2 minutes later a pickup got nailed and it was like 10 minutes to 6, I bet he was pissed.

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