Driving An Old Car

This was my week: Sunday night U2, got in bed after midnight. Went to work early on Monday and then left early to see Memento. Got home after 8. Tuesday is yoga – got home after 9. Wednesday I did grocery shopping and by the time I got everything put away it was after 8. Thursday was a family dinner and I got home after 11. This morning I got up early to take my car in. This situation has also led to poor eating so when I got home today I could barely hold my head up I was so tired. I took a nap at 2:30 and I slept so hard I had scary dreams that had to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it was like I could not move. But after I woke up I started feeling relatively normal again. I think a good nights sleep tonight and I’ll in good shape.

We’ve been talking about replacing my car. I’ve been driving a Honda CRX since 1986. This is my second one — I bought it in May 1990. It’s got 113,000 miles on it and is sort of beat up but a decent car and well maintained and, key: paid for. I need about $800 of random maintenance and was trying to talk myself into just getting something new (used, but new for me) now but since the car place tells me its in mechanically great shape, I don’t drive that much and it gets great gas mileage, it seems foolish to replace it. Why not just put the money that I’d use for a car payment into savings? If the car disintigrates, I’ll have a stash for a new one, and in the meantime, I’m driving a healthy car. So I think I’ve talked myself out of a new car. Maybe I’ll put a cheap CD player in as a consolation prize.

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