Wrestling Technology

Today we bought LeRoy a new computer for the office. We went to Costco and I’m glad I asked Billy to come with me because the thing came in a box the size of a small apartment. We wrestled it out to the parking lot and it wouldn’t fit in the car. This woman in the parking lot says, “Need a bigger car?” So we had to open the box and we could get the tower box in there (the big box had 2 smaller boxes in it) but the monitor box wouldn’t fit either so we had to wrestle that out of the box. It’s, of course, raining. We got it back to the office.

Then I had to set the thing up. I feel sorry for the random computer illiterates who have no idea what they are doing. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 1 being stone age never seen a computer before and 10 being programs a computer you built out of handy things laying around the house — I’d put myself at a solid 6 and it took me all frickin day just to get the mail, Internet and word processor set up and all the little “we can do this for you automatically” nightmare switches turned off. The true test will be when LeRoy powers up and tries to work with it. You could get email, surf, word process and print when I left.

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