Orange Cone Haven

I was wrong about the traffic — maybe that’s when we change the other way. My on/off ramps from I5 to the Morrison Bridge were closed today due to bridge construction so I have to remember to take an alternate route — this is particularly important when I go home, otherwise, I’ll be stuck in traffic hell with everyone else and we’ll all be trying to figure out how to get on the freeway.

So I have a question — do we have the past few years of booming economy to thank for every friggin roadway being ripped up and “improved”? I figure, government, once they get the money together they have to push the whole project through a bureaucratic nightmare, so it would make sense that they are just now getting around to all the work. Downtown Portland is currently a haven for orange cones.

Today I talked to my Auntie about my sourdough bread disaster this weekend. The first rising was HUGE – out of control. The second rising, not as impressive and the final proof the loaves didn’t do squat. I don’t get it. My lovely shaped hearth loaves looked like then melted into a flat beetle thing. I baked them anyway and the crust came out crunchier than you might enjoy and it tastes too salty. I am disappointed, but I guess that’s how you learn. Auntie said her sourdough wasn’t perfect either but she said her tasted good.

We just got the new MacAddict so I’m going to play.

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