Derranged Barker

I keep thinking that somehow I will “get organized” and be able to provide much more entertaining posts on a regular basis. Not sure how exactly I expect to manifest this.

Yesterday I took the day off because Bob is on Spring Break and we looked at computer toys and bought a new tape deck and saw “O Brother Where Art Thou?” which we both enjoyed. It seems like people are either Clooney lovers or Clooney haters and I have always bucked the trend by being completely indifferent. (Never watched ER). But after that movie I think I could be converted to the lovers without much problem. I might rent “Out of Sight” just to make sure.

I seem to remember our neighbor telling us she was getting a dog quite some time ago, like more than a year, but I don’t remember ever seeing one. Now suddenly we have the derranged barker out there all day long — I’ve just noticed in the past week or so. I like dogs but hate barking and if you know me and are going to say “What about Sundance?” I will repeat for the zillionth time, Sundance is NOT MY DOG.

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