Kitty Darts

This morning when I was driving down Kauffman, I was just at this point where there were kids waiting for the school bus on both sides of the street and right then a kitty darts into the roadway and I had to slam on my breaks and take a few deep breaths. How traumatic would that be? Not only to smush a cat but to smush a cat in front of 2 dozen school kids.

Then I went to the Fred Meyer on Fourth Plain and was getting ready to make a left into the parking lot but there was a young blind person on the corner with his white cane and he looked like he might step into the street and then he’d step back and then he’d step towards the curb and then he stepped back. I was wondering what the proper behavior for me was, I mean how long do I need to yield to a person who doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do? I finally took a chance and made my turn and the blind person ended up walking towards the store.

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