Rooftop Jacuzzi House

I just realized I never wrote anything about San Diego which turned out to be fun. The rooftop jacuzzi house was amazing. I never did figure out the geography of San Diego but I guess we were on the jetty near the roller coaster and the air traffic took off over us. Not blasting over, but close enough.

Thurs night we visited and Friday we went to the mall and then went for our big night out and Alicia kissed one girl and two boys. (It was her birthday.) We went to this place playing 80’s music, with a band. I won’t go into it all now, I had fun but it was a tad crowded for me. Saturday was the laziest day of my life and Sunday we were back on our way home again.

This week has been busy and I’m still feeling a bit worn down. I went to bed insanely early last night and read my book until 9pm and then tossed and turned for 2 hours — why does that happen? I think I’ll go to be early again tonight and I should be able to finish the book which is Turn of the Century by Kurt Anderson. I do not plan to toss and turn again.

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