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Turkey For Two

Well, like almost everyone, I would have preferred to have a bigger celebration but also trying to keep ourselves and everyone we love healthy.

We did a family zoom call and visited our in-town relatives by standing out in the driveway with masks on.

We ended up with a pretty traditional meal. I tried the NYT buttermilk brine for the turkey breast. We made a green citrus salad which is something I always want but end up running out of steam and/or table space for and usually skip. It was fabulous. Instead of pie I made the NYT ginger-pumpkin sorbet which was wonderful and refreshing after the big meal.

Ready for a couple episodes of The Crown before staggering off to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Smokey morning at Tishawnik.

I don’t think I ever did an update on the new neighbors behind us. We talked to them and they are fine. They were a bit vague about exactly what they plan to do and I’m not sure if that means they are still assessing what they have or they don’t want to tell us.

They demolished the garage which we knew had to happen from the son-in-law. We understand they plan to build an extra mother-in-law apartment and then do some sort of upgrades to the house.

The rental process is on hold – they had such a big response they decided not to deal with it right now. They work like mad over there. I think they’ve shown up every day since they bought it.

Note from Nov 26, 3PM: I scheduled this to post yesterday and just now when I checked to see what happened I find a note “missed schedule.” I thought this was a computer. How does it miss the schedule? It is still scheduled for yesterday. SMH.

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Shaken and Stirred

This picture is actually from August. I still don’t have all my “photo manipulation” tools on the new machine and I’m almost completely helpless. hehe.

It was dry for a few consecutive days so I moved the camera to the back of the yard by the fence and set the water bucket out again.

The videos were foggy from condensation but clear enough that I could see raccoons stopping by the water bucket at 5 different times.

Every time they stop to look in the bucket, then stir one or both arms in the water, then stick their face in to drink it. It’s like they aren’t happy until one of their dirty feet has been in there.

I moved the camera back under the awning by the house but I left the water bucket out to take care of all their bathing needs.

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That Time I Caught a Fairy

Check out this magical moment.

I am on my new machine but still fixing things how I like them, re-entering any number of passwords, re-authenticating things, fixing settings, trying to make things work like they used to work. All of Apple’s hard work to make things more fancy is lost on me. I want to do like I did it last year and the year before and the year before.

I was getting a random chime all morning. I never want my technology to make a noise at me unless I specifically set it up. I was checking notification boxes, and unclicking things right and left and still getting the chime.

I finally figured out it was my web-based work email and it took me several more tries before I found the place to turn that off.

Hopefully I can set aside some time next weekend to work with it some more.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

This is probably too small to see but in the background you can see a pair of glowing eyes racing across the yard before the closer guy sprints by. That’s one of the funniest images is when all you can see is glowing eyes. Sometimes there are three pairs floating way back there in the garden bed

Bob and I like to have the closed captioning on for everything we watch.

The captions crack me up, “Somber music” or “Quiet mumbling.”

Recently on The Mandelorian there was a character that did not speak a human language and the Mandelorian couldn’t speak her language so she just gurgled a bit. There is an exciting scene and the caption was: “Frog Lady screams.”

For some reason I think that’s hilarious. I still laugh about it.

I am doing the computer today. Think good thoughts.

19446 / 25000 words. 78% done!

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You’re So Conceited, Claire

I now have so many of the same basic raccoon and opossum clips that it’s become ho-hum. I need to go back through the ones I got from the beginning that I was so excited about and weed them down. Computer anthropologists of the future will wonder why I have 10 million pictures of the same flowers and the same garden and the same wildlife. (JK – I don’t believe in computer anthropologists because there is no way anything will be that back-compatible.)

I recently came across a hard copy of that novel about hairbands (meaning Poison and Ratt, not like devices to hold your hair out of your eyes) that I wrote about 15 years ago. I re-read a part where the protagonist was concerned that by sound too confident about his band, he would come across as conceited.


Do kids today even know the word conceited? I’m sure there’s a generational divide on this topic.

Different times.

We are nearing an interesting time with the daily posts because I am ready to upgrade to my new computer finally and something is bound to come up to give me trouble and I won’t want to deal with posting. If I disappear, that’s what’s going on.

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You’re An All Star

Mom wanted us to make a little pit stop on our way to her house to get some of her favorite brandy that isn’t always easy to find.

But the All Star Liquor in Hilt, CA has it. Extra stop to visit a well stocked adult beverage store? No problem at all.

While we were there we saw our friend Jack Daniel and Captain Morgan.

And these Kahlua figures guarding the ice machine. Great customer service, too. They carry your purchases to your car for you.

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Shudder Shudder

We’ve always had a lot of yellow jacket activity around the shed — especially around that area I circled.

A couple of times over the summer I sprayed around there but I don’t like to get too close so it was probably not the best extermination technique.

After it froze, I went in with a flashlight and took a closer look and almost shuddered myself to unconsciousness. I knocked all this stuff down. A piece of the electrical connection on the outside light came off. I need to get back out there and sweep the last of it away.

No matter how dead the nests look, it still creeps me out beyond all logic to deal with those things.

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Something New

We are not big on home improvement.

It’s not that I don’t like things to look nice but if I have some extra time and energy, the house interior is not even in the top 50 things I want to deal with. I’d rather endure home decor I don’t like than make a big effort for something new.

This is how we have ended up with the hideous great grandma’s living room window treatment since we moved into this house over 20 years ago.

I know. It’s hard to believe.

I have hated it for some time and had it on the long list of things I wanted to tackle.

What finally motivated me is that those slats began actively disintegrating. I grabbed them once to snoop out the window and they ripped. We had to duct tape one to hold it together. I wish I was kidding.

I was under the impression that having such a big window would complicate things and I didn’t want to pay a bunch for a specialty blind and take a chance that it didn’t fit. But I also couldn’t deal with the idea of hiring someone to come and measure and advise, etc.

I started doing some physical therapy stuff with Melonie in her new space and she has a giant window with cordless blinds like this and after asking a few questions, I hopped online, read the directions, measured, and ordered our new blind.

We did need a little help with the installation but it is like a MIRACLE in the living room now.

The only bummer is the wall where the curtain rods came out is all messed up. I’m not up for massive painting project and I’m not sure patching it is going to look so hot either.

Also, I’m considering putting some curtains up for when it’s super bright or super cold and we want an extra layer.

Check back in another 20 years!

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Toes The Vindictive Cat

Toes is another next door cat. Once, he and I were friends. He would come over and we’d hang out.

But then every time I saw him in my yard he was taking a crap. Like a crap right in the middle of the garden.

I would run out there and yell: do I take a crap in your yard?

Then he got so used to it he would just squat there and stare at me while I yelled so I started running out there waving a rake at him.

That annoyed him. So now he waits until I’m washing dishes. I’ll be standing at the sink looking out and he will wait until I see him and then calmly take a crap while holding eye contact. Clearly this is someone I crossed in another life.

Even in the middle of the night he’s looking right at me while he sprays.

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