Home Grown Tomatoes

Sorry for the terrible photos. I kept forgetting and and when I’m doing this my hands are dirty and I have gloves. I have to take off the gloves and grab the camera. And I did a super half-assed job of it.

Please contact a manager for a full refund.

I have put 5 tomatoes in and all of them came from seeds I saved and made the starts on my windowsill.

They get really tall and skinny. I used to try to plant them like this and had a lot of fails.

Then I discovered this one trick! If I was good at social media I could make a movie of my face very confidently telling you about this like I invented it.

But I’m not and I didn’t. Someone on Reddit described it.

I take almost all the leaves off and dig a trough. The long stem goes in the trough and just the last little bit is above the dirt.

Ta da! I have had great success with this method.

I planted one in the backyard and the next day it looked comically wilted. But a few days later it perked up. It still looks a bit scraggily but I think it will make it.

I had another smaller plant I put in the backyard.

I came out the next day to check on it and it was nothing but slug trails and dirt. The entire plant was gone. Dang slugs!

I don’t keep track of what I start but I think they are all smaller sized tomatoes. It’s been awhile since I had a huge crop of tomatoes. I intend to put a couple of raised beds in a corner I am currently rehabbing and think that will help. But not ready yet.

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