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Another actual image from accident. Generated with AI ∙ January 29, 2024 at 5:23 AM

There was one thing I forgot to add to the bus accident story.

Normally we get to the park-n-ride around 5-ish but because of all the waiting around we didn’t get there until after 6pm. Dinner is going to be late.

As we are exiting, this guy from the back of the bus heads toward the door holding a cupcake.

Not like the cupcake is wrapped up. It’s ready to eat. How did he sit on the bus for over 2 hours and not eat that cupcake? Was he high compliance and didn’t want to eat on the bus against the rules? Did he forget about it until just then? Was he holding the cupcake like that to save for later? Or maybe he was passing around cupcakes to the people in the back and this was the last one.

I should have tried to make a new friend.

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