January Girl

I started out looking for a photo or two to post and then started organizing my photo folder (“organizing” — I use that term loosely) and then all this time passed and I was getting ready to turn off the computer and I realized I never posted.

Did I already post this photo?

This was when people were starting to go back to work after Covid. Honestly, the bus has never picked up. They’ve consolidated a bunch of buses (in my part of town) into 1 park-n-ride stop and a few stops downtown.

I took this because I have the habit of using the same spot which I became extremely possessive of during Covid when I was one of about 7 cars that even used the park-n-ride.

Whole lot is empty and this car parked in my spot.

Things have bounced back a lot since this photo. I don’t know what happened to this person but I always get to my spot first.

This morning the weather was decent enough for us to go on a long walk. We went to a coffee shop to meet some friends.

We saw this giant part of a windfarm machine (are they called windmills?) on its way from the port to wherever it’s going. It had 3 pilot cars! It had to take a wide swinging turn to get onto the freeway. I was like a child, standing on the sidewalk, enraptured by the whole thing. The truck driver waved to me!

I would love to talk to one of those truck drivers to learn what it’s like to drive one of those trucks. People seemed respectful and stayed out of the way, but I bet that’s not always true.

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