The Interestings

I just read a book called The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer which I recommend if you like character driven books and stories about long friendships.

This story begins with the friends meeting at a summer camp in the 70s. The time frame was also perfect for me.

I went to summer camp 2 times in the 70s.

Once was a girl scout camp called Camp Lakota. The other was Camp Hollywoodland. I can still sing the theme song. Call me if you want to hear it.

In the book, the camp was for creative kids and they did plays and made music and pottery. Neither of my camps had a theme. There was swimming and making lanyards and tromping around and lots of singing.

Here’s the thing: I don’t remember making a friend at either camp. I don’t remember liking camp very much. I think Camp Lakota was sketchy because it seemed like there was barely enough food. They would pass it around family style and the first to it would pick the biggest pieces so someone like me would get the tiny chicken wing for dinner. Hollywoodland had its regulars and had some pre-made cliques which I had as much luck with as in regular school.

Still liked the book and other stories where kids have fun at camp.

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