Dramatic Water Disaster At the Office

It wasn’t really that dramatic.

Law Clerk and I were eating lunch and we heard a strange noise that increased and became identifiable as dripping.

We searched the adjacent room and found water coming from the ceiling. We quickly moved furniture around and found something to catch the water.

There is an online work ticket system that we use to request maintenance but this seemed more urgent so I called the front security desk and Krystal got on the Bat Phone and almost immediately the Maintenance Crew was in our suite with a ladder and wrenches and were able to stop the leak.

Turns out, our suite has its own water heater for our little kitchen and it was in the ceiling. This was all new information for us. The building doesn’t allow ceiling units any longer due to situations just like this. Luckily it didn’t happen on a weekend.

Now we have a new heater and new ceiling tiles.

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