Clarion West Beg-A-Thon Week #1 Report

This week I wrote a 2800 word story about Lester, a fast-talking tribal member who hears the feds want to unload control over the “alien portal” that is located on tribal lands and sees a great opportunity for himself.


Lester had a friend of a friend in the local government. It took a few calls and some loitering at the casino bar until he managed to hook one of the alien portal employees into a conversation.

June was her name and she was three minutes away from retirement and not about to let you forget it. She drank something called a salmon prisoner – he was never clear what was in it but it was one of the most expensive cocktails on the menu.

The idea was inspired by this piece by Winona LaDuke Reconciliation Pipeline: How to Shackle Native People. Relevant quote:

Dressed up as “equity positions”, or “reconciliation”, across the continent, corporations and governments are trying to pawn off bad projects on Native people.

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