Long Busy Week, Busy Weekend

Kira, An, and I enjoy our reunion by hanging out with our laptops. That’s how Clarion West love works.

I’m going to quickly touch on all the things I never got around to blogging about in the last week or two.

Did you see Sandra Day O’Connor on the Daily Show? I’d link to the Hulu clips but there’s already enough going on here. She has got to be the coolest Supreme Court justice ever. *So cute.* As we were watching I told Bob I was going to go work on Monday and ready my favorite Justice O’Connor opinions. He said, “Sure thing, Lisa Simpson.”

An does finishing touches on Chocolate Disaster cake. I tried to impress upon Bob just how lucky he was that An made his birthday cake. I think he got it.

We had a fire drill at the office. I’m the safety officer of my business and a couple weeks ago, José from the business next door informed me he was the floor warden and gave me my orange safety vest. I said, “So, if something bad happens you’ll tell us what to do?” He said, “If something bad happens, grab your shit and get out of here.”

The alarm went off and co-worker and I said, “Huh, wonder what we should do?”

Someone told us we had to evacuate. I said, “I wonder if I should wear my orange safety vest?” Since I already couldn’t remember where it was, I grabbed my purse and An’s and Kira’s laptops and carried them down 10 flights of stairs. An and Kira were out and about enjoying downtown and just in case it wasn’t a drill, I didn’t want their laptops to fry. Take note Clarionites. I have your back.

Bob’s birthday celebration with his new Clarion West friends.

I keep putting my giant coat away in hopes that I’m done with it. Much as I love it when it’s cold and awful outside, it triples my size and is just one more thing to lug around. I keep hanging it up and then pulling it back out again. I’m hoping to take it to the cleaners and pack it away until November. Soon.

Now we have a giant Clarion West reunion and we celebrate by getting out our laptops. I don’t think “geek” covers it. From the left, clockwise: An, Eden, Caren, me and Kira.

The State of Washington just made me replace my license plates. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s been 5 years? For $20 more I could keep my same plates. Screw that. In the long run it’s probably a good idea because when parking I often stop when the front bumper hits something and that front license plate was looking pretty ratty.

Food! I include this photos so my other classmates will see that I will cook excellent food if they visit. We had sweet potato enchiladas with chicken, no cheese and another batch with black beans and cheese. Here’s the recipe we adapted from. Also fruit salad and sausages and snacky stuff. Also this photo includes Kyle who I don’t have a URL for.

Escape from Witch Mountain was one of my favorite movies and books when I was a kid way back in the 70’s or whenever the first version came out. I was moderately excited about the re-do except I saw the trailer and hated it. I don’t out of hand, hate The Rock, but the trailer made this look extra-ordinarily stupid and unless a reliable source tells me otherwise, I will not see this movie.

Clarion West 08 classmates — if you visit me, you can use my fancy wine opener and feel like a rock star while everyone takes your picture.

I’m surprised Office Despot can stay in business. EVERY single week we get a new catalog and coupon from them for our business plus another from the business that was in the space before us. Our company has an account with an office supply company and I dread using them because their prices are 50-70% higher. I don’t understand how that even works.

Oh look, Clarion geeks and laptops. This photo includes the same suspects plus Rose and Carlton

Now we’re all caught up. I’m going to get something to eat and sit here biting my nails until the Battlestar Galactica Finale starts.

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