The World’s Best Shower

Me, Kira, An, Eden, Rose, Caren and Carlton in the world’s best shower.

We had a Clarion West 08 get together over the weekend which was super fun and I have photos and tales to tell but as per always, no time to tell the story at the moment. More to come, probably this weekend as I have another busy week.

Here’s a very short story that has nothing to do with the weekend: this morning on the way to work our bus passed a bus pulled over on the shoulder. I thought to myself, “Gee, I’m glad I’ve never been a bus that broke down.”

Ha ha because about five minutes later our bus broke down.

The best part of the story is that it wasn’t a big deal. People barely looked up from their books and newspapers. No one fussed or got ornery.

Ten minutes later the bus after us parked in front of us. We got off our bus and tiptoed along the side of the freeway and loaded onto the other bus. Lots of people laughed and made jokes. And another five minutes and we were on our way. A C-Tran miracle.

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